Our Why

Why? Because this revolutionary group of established researchers and scientists recognize the important role we seek to play in the aging ecosystem.

As a non-profit we will be empowering scientists to develop drugs and treatments by acting as a catalyst, an idea pipeline, and a convening body for talent and technology.

Our efforts will accelerate the current brilliant work being done in laboratories around the world, bringing the level of attention and funding that longevity initiatives deserve and demand.

david setboun.jpg

David Setboun, Pharm.D, MBA President, The Academy for Health and Lifespan Research

Our Vision

By advancing innovative collaboration between the world’s leading scientists, laboratories, academic institutions and drug companies, we envision a world where breakthroughs in longevity research are not just accelerated but more importantly, made accessible to all.

Our Mission

  • Target aging as a root cause of all-related disorders

  • Support basic & translational research to promote longer and healthier Life

  • Drive change among states & payers to recognize aging as a treatable condition

  • Educate the public and attract promising scientists to the aging field