The World’s Leading Aging Researchers Unite

to accelerate Breakthroughs In Longevity


Our founders Are featured in:


First Global Research Academy Taking on the ‘Age Old’ Question


Why must we age and what can we do to slow it? 

This question has haunted humanity from the beginning of conscious thought. Science is currently at a threshold moment; the biology of aging has never been as understood, and as poised for innovation and disruption as it is today. The Academy is harnessing the collective power of 16 of the world’s brightest and most distinguished gerontologists to ensure that breakthroughs in aging research are not only accelerated but also made accessible to all.


Join us to increase the life in our years.


Unpacking Aging

Our founders are pursuing a myriad of different aspects of aging:


• System genetics

• Metabolism

• Centenarian genetics

• Stem cells

• Histone deacetylases

• Biostatistics

• Tumor suppressors

• Epigenetics

• Peptides

• Senescence

• Autophagy

• Molecular physiology

• Regenerative medicine

• Cell cycle regulation

• Hormone signaling pathways

• Mitochrondial function

• Nutritional intervention