Inaugural Academy for Health and Lifespan Research (AHLR) Conference

BOSTON, JULY 10 - The first annual AHLR conference will take place on July 30th -July 31st 2019. Our scientific founders and board members will be convening in Paris, France to establish a collective strategy towards achieving the goal of not just accelerating longevity research, but making sure that its implications are accessible to all. This event in Paris will be closed to the public, however plans to live-stream portions of the discussion online are currently in the works… More details to come, stay tuned!

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Armaan Chawla
16 Longevity Scientists Have a Valentine's Day Message for the World: Announcing the Academy for Health and Lifespan Research 

BOSTON, FEBRUARY 13 – A group of leading scientists devoted to research on the mechanisms of biological aging today announced the formation of the Academy for Health and Lifespan, the first global non-profit group focused on accelerating breakthroughs in the expansion of the human health span. The timing of the announcement aligns with the Valentine’s Day holiday to call attention to the Academy for Health and Lifespan Research mission to enable people to live better and love longer.

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Kelly Creevey