Dr. Sachiko Ezawa

Dr. Ezawa joined the Obstetrics & Gynecology department of Keio University Hospital in 1998. She went to business school while practicing medicine and established GenomLab, a supplement company.

Her research, ‘Response of glassy-cell carcinoma of the cervix’ was published in The Lancet in 2000. She has also studied, “Anti tumor effects of a novel retinoid, TAC-101” towards clearing cell adeno carcinoma of the ovary which was subsequently published in “Gynecologic Oncology 2007”. This research was the main subject of her PhD which was awarded by Keio University in 2008.

 Dr. Ezawa was a lead ovarian and cervical cancer surgeon when she completed her tenure at Keio University Hospital. After her experience at the hospital, she became the only female finalist of the NASA/JAXA astronaut training program in 2009. Now, she is currently studying law and medicine while continuing to practice medicine.


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